Get real-time updates on your field and crop conditions

Cropwise operations available on mobile and iPad, Google Play and App Store
Cropwise operations available on computer

All-in-one digital farming solution

  • Monitor all your fields in one place
  • Get real-time updates on current field and crop conditions
  • Receive immediate notifications if something’s wrong
  • Track changes even if you’re offline
  • Forecast your harvest

Follow vegetation maps of all your fields and quickly react to any issues.
Determine potential yield and create a crop plan for the next production season.
Retrieve data from dozens of satellite systems, drones, weather stations, and different sensor types.
Gather main soil characteristics in one system: surface temperature, soil moisture at tree depth, soil types, soil analysis and texture maps, and more.
Track history of changes in crop yield estimates and establish the causes of losses.
View vegetation, precipitation, soil moisture, and weather history for up to 10 years.
Cropwise operations

Develop a daily and hourly plan for each machine.
Access your field and machinery data from any point with internet coverage.
Follow each machine with a full history of their movement, speed, fuel consumption, and harvest data.
Configure individual settings for each sensor on your machinery for collection and analysis.
Track work progress in real-time mode.
Get alerts for speeding, working without a task, unauthorized unloading, geo-fencing, fuel consumption, no signal, and many others.
Cropwise operations

Cropwise operations
12 469 693
hectares of new fields added in 2020
Cropwise operations
added agricultural operations
Cropwise operations
scouting reports made by agronomists
Cropwise operations
times more photos of fields, plants, diseases, pests and other threats
Cropwise operations
146 557
units of machinery, equipment and trackers controlled by users
Cropwise operations
1 190 039
alerts with 1,5 times more recorded and timely identified problems and violations

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Cropio has evolved to

Cropwise Operations as part of Syngenta.

Syngenta digital
  • Fast setup in a matter of days, depending on land size
  • Initial training, presentations and ongoing support
  • Available on computer and smartphone

Cropwise operations Cropwise operations

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